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New advertising

The headless figures of scantily clad oil adorned women now cover the walls of the jazzercise studio I once loved to go to. The new ads have taken jazzercise to a whole new level...I now feel like I am in training to work a strip club. When I questioned the owner about the change she told me that it was their new ad campaign to show strong women. Since when does disrobing show strength? I am very saddened by the change in jazzercise that promotes the exploitation of women. I also find it very alarming that many of the centers offer childcare when sonG's like maroon 5 animals are playing in the back ground. Look up the lyrics..disgusting. Yes I am complaining. I have been trying to find an address where I could send a letter to Jazzercise inc. But I am not able to find one. So sad... So very sad. I sure hope that corporate is not encouraging their instructors to prostitute themselves by asking them to wear less clothes when they teach and rid themselves of those pesky blinds in their studio windows.


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