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How to Make Money with Jazzercise

If you want to make money with Jazzercise, here is what I recommend. Start classes in a rural area that doesn't have alternatives. Offer classes only during peak hours and only offer 1 or 2 classes a day (so you have large, well-attended classes). Teach all classes yourself and just have a substitute instructor who can fill in when you are out of town or ill. Hold classes in a very large place that is highly visible and that has very cheap or no rent. A large space is essential so you can have large classes with many attendees. Schools, senior centers and churches were great for this back in the day, but that is difficult to find with new rules for non-profits. The bread and butter in our area was retirees and teachers. The same ladies came every day and it was a social thing as much as it was about getting exercise. They didn't mind the automatic deductions. People under 30 will have an issue with an automatic deduction and prefer an auto-pay option which Jazzercise doesn't allow. They also were very frustrated by the lack of availability for an on-line daily workout option. I also recommend that you not bother with equipment. Customers didn't like using weights/balls/bands and it was expensive and difficult to maintain and keep clean. Offer Personal Touch, as it is an easy way to supplement your income with personal training.


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