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Jazzercise is run like a sorority....

Jazzercise needs to get rid of their archaic audition process and learn from the Zumba franchise (which certifies about 80 people per training workshop) when I went thru the Zumba certification no one was turned down. Common sense dictates that if you are NOT a good instructor NO one will hire you. And if your class is lousy you wont be able to keeo students.

Jazzercise has set up its model to make money for the owner of Jazzercise and her daughter. I get franchise fees...but the application process, extra additional fees...constant monitoring (by less qulaified people I might add) has no place in the current business market.

If any of the knuckle heads who run Jazzercise read this, here is what you need to do (coming from an ex Jazzercise owner and current successful Zumba owner:

1) drop your application fees - come on $1-2000? Seriously
2) get rid of all of the monthly rificulous fees
3) forget the monitoring process- teachers AND customers hate having their class disturbed
4) motivate jazzercise instructors to want to work together without this nasty sorrority like climate
5) reduce the cost of your clothing line and offer to sell boutique style at Jazzercise locations.

The one thing that did make Jazzercise great was the music...but thats it = (

Get it together Jazzercise Corp and you can attract a whole new crop of instructors and customers.


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