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Thanks for the comments

I'm late to the party but sooo glad I found this post. I have been a Jazzercise student for almost 20 years and absolutely love it. I've taken classes all over my home metro area and in several different states when I travel for business and personal reasons. I'm constantly approached by people asking me if I teach and telling me I should. I had a passing interest when I first started, but something about it seemed off. Turns out, I "had a feeling" about many of the things mentioned here by veteran instructors and center owners about the costs, clique-ish-nish, image issues, and unwritten "no dissent" policies and practices. I also found it a bit unsettling that I couldn't find honest discussions of the pros and cons of becoming an instructor online and veteran instructors seemed wary of talking. If Jazzercise wants to remain around for another 40+ years, it really does need to change the business model -- not just print some new ads and re-do the logo. It's time for some freshness that moves beyond the music. That may mean making changes -- gasp -- starting at the top. Okay Judi, we get it, you started the program and blah, blah blah it was a success. No disrespect. But it might be time the old ideology-- if even done by new people -- to step aside. (Hell, even Bill Gates did so to a degree at Microsoft). As much as students like me love and are loyal to the workout, it won't make a difference if there's no one around to teach.


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