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I've done it as a business for nine years successfully

I've operated as a one/two man business offering a (usually weekly) deep fat fryer management call. At the call the customers would receive a service that:
* economically
* safely,
* regularly,
* and with the good will of their staff addressed their problem

As long as what you offer, provides them with the relieve from any combination of factors

* private pub:- landlord couldn't be bothered, so hired me.
* two hospital NHS trust:- the figures at first but then, the lack of any issues to bother them
* big catering management company branch:- head office approved, plain and simple
* theme park:- safety a big factor, they only employed kids!
* conference centre:- little extra free help he got, lead to a doubling of business value

Every potential customer has a different reason

If anybody is still interested in any of this stuff I have lots of experience I cam share.


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