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The best oil filtration machine in the market

There is one machine that is made by Nika, LLC that actually is a true micro-oil filtration machine and filters down to 1 micron. There is a video on their website that actually shows how good the machine works and they fire up a fryer. It is made from food grade stainless steel and has an big 8 gallon per minute pump with 1/2HP motor which is bigger than any other machine out there and it's built here in the USA. A budy of mine uses it in his restaurant and he told me about it. I know they sell it to restaurants, but they are a franchise so I don't know if they will sell to individuals. They mention on their website that it guarantees to cut coil costs by 50-75% each month. In there business model they sell and rent machines, which is unique and different then the weekly service because with the rental, the restaurant does all the work. It's worth checking it out if anyone wants to buy one


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