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Lots of mis-information

Here is the facts and I don't have the time to explain in depth. The only thing you need to know and use is Magnesol XL filter powder (Magnesium Silicate) this is manufactured by The Dallas Group of America (DGA) or Britsorb filter powder manufactured by PQ Corp. and a good vacuum filter machine. Magnesol XL is what ALL the major restaurants chains use. Magnesol XL powder is what extends the life of the oil not the machine. The filter machine pulls the oil through the cake of Magnesol XL which absorbs all the bad stuff that breaks down the oil. I could give you a more scientific explanation, but it is not necessary, all the science has been done and this is the material to use. The DGA sells filter machines and there are a lot of other good machines out on the market. The most important thing is to use Magnesol XL, that is what is going to save your customer the money and will make your job easier because the Magnesol is an incredible filter-aid. I have direct and personal knowledge of this and I am just trying to help you guys out. If anybody tries to say anything else they are full of shit or they are trying to get your money.


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