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what's the advantage...

What would the advantage to a prospective Zee be, to buy into a new Zor? If the "concept" (which is much over-rated in importance since there is hardly any really new or patentable "concept" out there) is a ground floor growth opportunity, then invest in the Zor not the Zee.

Not to ALWAYS be negative, but just so ya know, we are multi-unit restaurant Zors and we already filter our own vats daily and when we change oil we have hard piped pump discharge to a bulk collection tank. We then SELL the used oil.

So I suppose filtration could be a business but it is not new or unique. I would think that only a small Mom & Pop and/or an operator with very backwards and lazy procedures would not already be doing this in-house. I have heard of Filta having national accounts but how many units of those national brands are they really servicing?

This sounds like buying yourself a job and personally that is nto a job I'd choose. But then again I don't want to clean restrooms (US Term, the WC elsewhere) and that too is (or was) a service business.


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