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Facts of franchises that filter oil

Having researched and investigated this industry and attempts to prolong the life the cooking oil for restaurants etc. I can scientifically say that AT BEST, any customer could ever hope to accomplish is break even when factoring in the service costs for franchisee to stop in once, twice or even three times a week. If any deepfryer is not cleaned and filtered thoroghly on a DAILY basis the oil will be left with the contaminents and free fatty acids to act as a catalyst that deteriorate any good oil properties left. If you miss ONE day the end result is that the oil goes right back to the state it was in before that oil franchisee filtered. Yes, you can extend 1, perhaps 2 days of the oil life. Does this maximize ALL of the oils potential? NO! FYI- Carbon is the destroyer of oil and its properties, which is the byproduct of the burned food particles, breading, salt etc. Carbon deposit is .6 microns. Each and every filter media and machine out there can NOT capture these contaminents. Research all you want, ask all the right questions and you will discover this. The oil institute research center has the data to back this up as well. I have also reviewed all available patents and claims on this subject and NOT ONE solution to solve this has yet to be invented yet. FYI- oil subjected to anything over 40 psi breaks the cell wall of the vegetable oil and actually breaks the oil down. FACT. Purifry, filta, manafry and most other attempts to clarify, cleanse or whatever they want to claim is happening to the oil is actually doing just the opposite. The only way to filter properly is through a negative pressure situation.
After 12 months of R & D, trial and error, and hundreds of hours I have finally developed the " 4-part system" that when implemented daily by these food service employees does this task quicker and easier, and will maximize, for the first time, both money and oil life for the customer. I back it writing that this "system" will save them $2000-$20,000 plus per year on their oil costs alone, depending on their current oil practices and use. No franchise b.s., no equipment purchases or contracts for restaurants, and lifetime replacement of any broken or defective equipment.
* The restaurant saves thousands in oil and labor

* Employees are safer and happier(they WANT to use this!)

* They are a "Green" eco-friendly business

* All filters and associated products covered for life

* The savings results are AFTER they have covered our costs

* Lifetime residual income for sales rep in place for as long as
customer keeps using the "system" (Why would they not when you have proven to them how much money and better off their fryers and oil are?)

* You obtain 50 accounts and keep them happy and you never have to filter or clean a fryer again, AND nets you $80-85K per year. If you stop putting this "system" in place once you have your 50 accounts, you STILL make this money EVERY YEAR! If you lose an account, go help another food service place save money to get back to your 50 accounts. If you have 30 accounts you will make roughly 50K. If you have 100 acoounts- you make 175K each and every year!

* You are NOT tied down to filtering or cleaning every day-THEY ARE!
* Stop in once a month after they have the "system" to check in and monitor their savings and equipment.

No one in WORLD has this "system" or can duplicate-No competition!

I have restaurants already using this and keep very accurate records as to the savings and claims, Finally...THE REAL DEAL!

I just finished the final steps making this the ultimate user friendly solution. I am now am writing the 40 page business plan for venture capital money to back so I can get this out accross the country. FYI- my customers are filtering daily to .5 microns in less than 10 minutes time and don't have to open their drain ports to do it, and handle 100 lbs. of oil at once! No van needed, you could sell this out of a car trunk! I have been a busy man and have already invested thousands to get to this point.
To say the least, I am excited! This is huge! And it works!
Best of luck to you all!


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