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Darren Conrad stole the concept and has no right to it

Darren was at PMD in the early years and helped Jeff launch the concept. As the court decision proved, Darren who had a non compete agreement with PMD, stole the concept and copied the entire business model down to the marketing scheme. So PMD won a lawsuit and a judgement was entered against Darren, his wife and PMD ex -financial officer. Look it up on the Franklin County Website and read the gory details. PMD didn't work to well and the money was in the sale of buisness to the dealers and the crazy PMD markup just like CB.Over 500 PMD/CB type dealers in the business have failed so what makes you think yours will work. I would say given your comments above the future is not very promising. Good luck as you are going to need it. Get out quickly as Darren has not legal rights to sue you or any other CB dealer as your business agreement is a fraud. Check it out... a lot people know the score.


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