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No real value added!

Scott never really understood the requirements of the business while at PMD and legally won a dying business model, with poor dealers and convoluted business fragmentation that needed dramatic changes to be viable strategy so that the company and individual dealers could survive and possibly be profitable in the future. A long shot at best but he tried.

While success as a PMD dealer is not a requirement to build a future business new approaches, specific direction and experienced vision based on quantitative analysis to address the bait and switch model in low end bedding and the low end furniture market which probably ran its course in 2009 were needed and required. Doing more of the same and expecting different results is by definition........INSANITY! It was a massive project that at best had major issues with dealers, dealerships and management. While I am sure efforts were made to improve the future the changes made by the new ownership were similar to many of the issues from PMD disaster days are not only still present they are business as usual. In many cases they are the same and no one is asking......Why didn't we improve or make changes?

As a Franchisee you have every right to be "disturbed" and should be looking into why the successful franchise's (other than PMD) have definitive unique strategies that work for most every Franchisee and guide success and profitability and PMD has a dissimilar group of Franchisees doing their own thing?? Some work, some don't, all are tied to lack of newness and innovation that needs to be addressed yearly in the unique Furniture and Mattress Industry. If your business is similar to what it was in 2010 your business is in trouble. If your business has multiple focuses what are your strengths?? Do the multiple focuses create costs and weaknesses and lack profitability?

Lastly, the Founder of this model (even though he copied it) always believed the individual dealer added value................and unfortunately he was right!


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