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Hawaii Legislature Passes Card Check over Governor’s Veto

In a special session called to override Governor Linda Lingle’s vetoes of numerous bills, the Hawaii state legislature passed Card Check, the top priority for unions in the state as elsewhere in the nation. The measure, which affects only employers with an annual gross revenue of $5 million or more, was passed on July 15 with over two-thirds of the overwhelmingly Democratic legislature overriding the Republican governor’s veto.

Hawaii is the second-most-unionized state in the nation, surpassed only by New York, and much of the Democratic legislature is in the unions’ back pocket. Although the Employee Free Choice Act (EFCA, aka Card Check) failed in Congress, it was another story in the islands.

Of the 76 members of the legislature, only 8 are Republican. Hawaii, which regularly has the lowest voter turnout in the nation, has voted overwhelmingly Democratic since achieving statehood in 1959. The Democrats regularly thumb their noses at Republicans and this year they overrode 38 vetoes, far more than the previous record of 19 in 2007.

Various associations representing franchisees and franchisors have opposed Card Check, including the American Association of Franchisees and Dealers, the Asian American Hotel Owners Association, Coalition of Franchisee Associations and the International Franchise Association.

See more details on the passage of Hawaii Card Check here.

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