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The Urgency of Emerson

The Australian Small Business Minister announced in November 2009 that the findings of the Expert Panel would be finalized by the end of January 2010.  He never said when he would present them to Australia. 

Perhaps he is just waiting until the FCA return from the International Franchise Convention in San Antonio. No doubt there will be much back slapping and free lunches.

But the government is working toward dealing with a future Australian economic problem where our aging population is growing to the extent that it seen to be leading toward an inevitable and major drain on our economy.  In fact the last 2 governments have been working to ensure that our older population stays in the workforce longer.

Announced Tax incentives might be a great move for many but franchising has been doing its bit in the national effort to ensure older Australians have no choice but to work until they drop and this has been happening long before there was a Federal government effort.

As usual I don’t mean to be pushy but this did start with State Inquiries announced in 2007/8.

The Inclusions and Considerations


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