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Brad Sugars Come On Down

Perhaps Brad Sugars initials are simply a coincidence or possibly it was always a warning but you have to give credit to any 22 year old boy from Brisbane Australia who can convince simple business folk that he has something to offer and something worth many millions in investments.

Now at the ripe old age of 39 BS is returning to Australia to promote his ‘genius’ on a national tour of seminars where once a long time ago he was able to attract attendance at $10,000 a seat. 

The subject of his seminars - "Business is Booming" - makes it clear he believes Australia is still a great place to make a dollar  Chalpat Sonti – Sydney Morning Herald

Amazingly of all the spruikers over the years that have come and gone, Brad Sugars, affectionately referred to as Mr BS, continues to sell himself amidst almost 20 years of complaint from franchise investors claiming he has nothing of value and they were scammed by his ActionCoach or previously by Action International.

I've been in franchising long enough to know if there's an actual case it will go to court. I live in the most litigious part of the world.

All credit must go to Brad Sugars for what appears to be a calculated strategy to remove and/or hide negative media comment.  Unfortunately for BS, it does not take much of an internet search to appreciate that this particular strategy cannot keep up with his critics.

A Sample of Excellent Related Reading:


Sued by many former Franchisees and Master licensees and settled out of court and has paid restitution in the millions to cover up past fraudulent behavior.


Have sued and persecuted wrongfully former Franchise owners to purposely inflict harm these charges were dismissed and Action found guilty of malicious prosecution.


Brad Sugars plagiarizes and flagrantly uses other Authors materials to write his own books. Self publishes most of his own works as he cannot find a reputable publisher to do so. Most other professionals in his industry shun him for his reputation of stealing others intellectual property.

Brad has been overwhelmed

Action will pull all marketing resources from other activities for 6 months to do nothing but counter these threads and the list of strategies include buying up brad sugars domain, setting up and paying massively for ranking and links from friendly parties in order to bury these threads.


In the past week, the website was hacked and dozens of posts and hundreds of comments critical of some specific franchise companies were deleted.  All posts related to Brad Sugars and ActionCOACH (except one positive one) and all of the hundreds of critical comments related to that company were the first deleted.

I viewed your UFOC financial records filed 10/04/2006 on line at: and found you settled lawsuits against your company in the amount of $440,900.00 and returned $1,723,408.00 in refunds & repurchase of territories to franchisees
[in 2005] just before you changed your company name.
I also viewed the liens and judgments against Action Executive Richard Bernstein at:

Brad Sugars Franchise Reputation - Courier Mail 26 January 2004

The overall theme is we purchase a franchise with all sorts of promises. After 10 days we would be coaches and after the training we would have enough to run a business earning $150,000 to $200,000 a year," one of the nine said. They also produced a cash flow sheet they claimed was given to them at the seminar indicating profits of $160,000 in the first year of operation and doubling the following year.

Aussie Zor Takes American Award

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