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Get Instant Tax Tips on your iPhone

Dana Siegrist

Instant Tax Service



Get Instant Tax Tips on your iPhone

DAYTON, OH (February 1st, 2010) – Tax season is here! Do you know what tax credits and deductions you qualify for? If you own an iPhone or other mobile mp3 player, you could get free tax tips and advice downloaded directly onto your mobile device with the Instant Tax Service Fast Cash podcast.

The Fast Cash Podcast is designed to provide valuable tax advice to taxpayers and assist them in getting the maximum tax refund they’re entitled to. Taxpayers are invited to join the “Instant Tax Gal” for exclusive interviews, tax tips, tax news, offers, advice, and sneak peeks inside America’s 4th largest tax company.  

To date, the Fast Cash Podcast has five episodes:

  • Who Has to File a Tax Return?


  • 7 Surprising Tax Deduction for Bloggers and Freelancers


  • Why Isn’t My Tax Refund as Much As I Expected?


  • 2009 EITC Credit and Child Tax Credit


  • 2009 End of Year Tax Tips


Listeners can click the embedded Flash player on the page to listen in immediately, or download the selected broadcast as an mp3 file.  To start getting tax advice now, visit

About Instant Tax Service
Instant Tax Service is a retail income tax preparation firm franchising over 1,200 locations in 39 states.  Founded by Fez Ogbazion in 2000 and franchising since 2004, Instant Tax Service offers tax preparation, electronic filing, and refund options. For more information, visit

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