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bURLesQ Launches New Retail Store!

The world’s largest provider of business services, bURLesQ opened its first store in Queensland’s’ Toowong on April Fool's Day, taking its mobile based business format franchise to an exciting new level.

Building upon its historical reputation, as the most enduring concept since franchising began, bURLesQ hopes to capitalize on the market for off the shelf parody and give franchisees who want to outsource their satire needs a whole new range of products to assist them.

“Small business owners typically don’t have the luxury of an HR (Humour Resource) manager to tackle this important aspect of business operations which is why our mobile service model has been so successful” says Franchise CEO and founder, Boudica Roman.

“At bURLesQ, we focus on giving business owners, especially franchise owners, a range of satirical, ironic and humorous products and services so that they can focus instead on running their business” she says.

“Market research tells us that in today’s economy, franchisees are burning the candle at both ends now more than ever and our clients are demanding our services 24/7 in the form of a one stop shop.” says Boudica.

 To meet demand, bURLesQ  have extended their range of product into a retail store and customers can now book bURLesQ expert  satire services, such as their famous franchisor/CEO lookalike strip-o-grams for franchisee association and bankruptcy parties at a time that suits the busy entrepreneur .

bURLesQ credit  much of the success of their first retail store to the tailored POS (Parody of Sale) system that  they researched and developed.

bURLesqees  interviewed by BMM describe a highly profitable and satisfying system.

“We were initially attracted to the franchise because of the affordable franchise mediators (trained in the Dr Suess Method of negotiation) that we recognised were so important to business operations.” says franchisee Frank Zappa.

bURLesQees say that it is totally correct when bURLesQ says that they will provide all the proper training in expert, outsourced, satirical services and that it’s latest new product, the “Franchise Agreement Snellen  Eye Chart”(where ALL of the clauses are in small print) was originally thought of by a franchisee and developed into a retail product by the franchisor.

The bURLesQ mission statement, that “It is hard not to write satire” has proven to be a business truism says Zappa.

bURLesQ also claims  to have a unique revenue method.

“We know when our franchisees are unhappy” claims Ms. Roman, “because we have an influx of satire product coming through our front office when our franchisees question whether our methods offer the most cost and time effective satire outsourcing service available.” She says.

In fact bURLesQ funds it support services on the revenue it makes from franchisees complaints so they can assure their franchisees of top quality service and support at all times.

“Our franchisees learn the ultimate lesson in irony when they send a satire product to the head office” says Boudica, who adds that  "every dollar of profit made in royalties from franchisees using bURLesQ’s products against head office gets put straight back into franchisee support" and that "this is a revolutionary method of ensuring that franchisees get results  in proportion to the numbers of complaint."

bURLesQ is seeking  new investors to take up the retail challenge and stresses that  while a sense of humour is not essential, a very large bank account and a pulse is a prerequisite.

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