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F1 Hoverpod Racing

2011 is here at last. For the UK, we are sill in the depths of winter and after viewing the news recently, I notice that the USA on the East Coast is suffering from snow blizzards and Australia who are in the summer season are suffering from flooding in Queensland, so the short version today is that it would be nice to have something possitive to say. "Well here we go".

It's official !!!. The team at F1 Hoverpod Racing has decided after much deliberation that the USA is ready for a 100% new Motor Sport. The descission was based upon the fantastic comments that often find there way through to our in-box through the web site and the wonderfull and very persistant encouragement from the Business Consultants to whom we have been working with for some 6/8 months. Thank you guys for all the wonderfull support.

For those who are new to F1 Hoverpod Racing, I recommend you view our web site at that will provide you with a basic insight into what the sport is about but in short it is about having as much fun at high speed in a totally unrestricted environment. The Hoverpod is able to travel at high speed across land, water, snow or ice with little if any effect at all. "WOW" I hear you say.

For all of those parties who are keen to showtheir interest, I would recomend you check out the following sites for up dates and information:

We always appreciate and value any input and comments and sometimes find it difficult to work after reading some of the jokes we all too often find in the in box but don't let that put you off, we pride ourselves on being friendly and not sending out spam e-mails etc. As such, we don't bite and are very typically motor sport fans and true petrol heads.

Happy New Year to all and looking forward o seeing you at the racing in dure course.

Team Manager.

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