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PMD Furniture Direct is spamming

PMD Furniture Direct is obviously spamming the BMM message board about PMD with PR propaganda, trying to outpost the negative comments from current and former dealers. What can be done to stop them from continuing to break BMM policy?

PMD Furniture

If you do your due diligence and call actual PMD franchises, you will find all of them to be happy and excited about the company and its future. Having an opposing position is propaganda?

PMD Furniture

I moved on to other opportunities but will always cherish my time with PMD and the relationships that were established

PMD due diligence

Here at BMM we have covered due diligence broadly and amongst the aspects discussed at length was the unreliability of information provided by existing franchisees and franchisor representatives.  To suggest such a thing does not do the PMD cause any good at all.  This is very much the wrong audience.


What is wrong with posting positives about this franchise opportunity?

BMM posting guidelines

This was posted to your website this morning. Is this permitted under your guidelines? I think you have allowed this thread to get out of hand and need to do something to get it under control.
By Guest - old PMD guy
2010-02-27 10:47
I fell hook, line, and sinker
I fell hook, line, and sinker for this same pathetic business illusion. The company is run by a greed filled, hateful, villainous, cheating pig named Jeff Hoskings, who surrounds himself with goons that he pays a pitiful sum of money to be in \"management\" and they bow to him and serve him, helping him cover the horrific tracks this company leaves, and he rules the company like a shrewd dictator. If everyone knew the trail of the dead in this company, no one would ever sign on to be a part of it. His new right hand man and National Sales Manager, Mega-Greaseball, Joe Armetta, is now scamming Jeff and stealing out of his fat pockets, and I find it quite hilarious. He is also simultaneously disqualifying multiple dealers from being dealers because none of them can adhere to the rigid standards of performance he has instituted, forcing people to quit. Never fear, Ex-PMD Dealers, these idiots are about to have their day in the sun. Jody Armetta is robbing Jeff blind now, to the crazy tune of over $500k annually, and all his dealers are quitting and rebelling against him. He marks up furniture 30-60% above what he buys it for, then turns around and sells it to his dealers, his lifeblood, and asks them to turn profits. The best salesman in the world will eventually fail trying to consistently do this, because they can\'t size up with the competition. The competition, in many instances will sell something for less than the PMD dealer bought it for. When I would run out of a bedroom group I could go to Big Lots and purchase the group for $26 less than what I bought it through PMD for. According to the PMD formula, this same bedroom group that cost me $975 was supposed to be sold out of my clearance center for $2,450, and you are to lie and tell the customer that it retails for $4,900. The formula they fraudulently sell to their dealers is COST x 5 = Retail Price, and Cost x 2.5 is your clearance price. This is a sure-fire formula to run a dealer out of business because the margins are so ludicrous. Even if they weren\'t so bad at face value, you must rememeber that Jeff has laready marked this stuff up 30-60% before he sells it to the dealer, so your numbers are EXTREMELY SKEWERED by the time the customer is actually quoted. It is a formula to go out of business. But Jeff and Joe don\'t care if you go out of business at all. The most beautiful part of the scam is that you are charged a franchise fee once you are \"chosen\" for your market. In my case it was $15,000. Now that number has ballooned to $35,000. Before you ever get a single product, or learn a \"trade secret\", you are out $35k. See, if your business never sells a single bed frame, the company has already nailed you pretty good. Then, if you spend $100,000 over the course of the next year buying products, which most do at a minimum, at the current PMD product mark up rate, you have given Jeff Hosking at least $30,000 of that money to pay for his markup on your product. You have given the company $65,000 in your first year, a pretty *** good salary these days if you ask me, and you are just one ***. Some dealers will buy as much as $1,000,000 wholesale over the course of the year, and they will have personally paid $300,000 to Jeff. You have to pay 100% up-front for your product, and it typically arrives 3-6 weeks later, typically never all of your stuff makes it, and a portion of it is always broken. The return process and damage process is done through the PMD home office. All dealers are forbidden to have contact with any vendors, and now you have paid for this stuff up front and can\'t get cash to flow back into your business until you satisfy your current customers who have been patiently waiting 3-6 weeks already for their stuff and then it doesn\'t show or is broken? You begin selling on deposit because you can\'t afford to stock the product 3-6 weeks in advance, then your stuff arrives but not in its entirety, or it is broken, and you are stuck in a vicious circle.You find yourself upside down pretty quick, but also financially obligated to continue down the path, in the vain hope that you will turn this around and see a profit, or at least recoup some of your massive loss. By that time, they are already looking for a new dealer in your territory. If you go out bankrupt they don\'t care. There are never steps to assist you in your time of need. In fact, apart form the accounting department, all calls from your managers and \"friends\" will cease. Jeff will never inquire about you. This illusion of a close-knit, brotherhood of dealers quickly vanishes, and no one admits they ever knew you. If anyone asks whatever happened to you, they will typically respond that you weren\'t running the program specifically as you were told, and that you failed as a result of this. You are discouraged as a dealer not to interact at all with ex-dealers, and in many cases are threatened by management or Jeff himself if you do. It is a brilliant scam. I am glad to see it is coming to an end. Jeff allegedly lives in the house formerly owned by the founder of Wendy\'s Hamburgers, Dave Thomas. It is my sincerest hope that someone finds him stuck with a cheeseburger in his big, fat heart, and rid the world of such a vicious and heartless theif. Either that, or eventually the fat *** is sued so venomously by his ex-dealer base that he winds up working at a Wendy\'s once his jail-time ends. I can only pray that there will be jail time, and not white collar. No one deserves Ned Beatty Deliverance treatment like our hero, Jeffrey Hoskings. Well, no one except maybe Jody Armetta. Have a lawyer examine the contract. No lawyer could ever read this peice of garbage and then in good conscience tell someone it is ok to sign. Justice will eventually see through on these horrific people, and I hope they all die penniless, lonely, and miserable
.reply.By Guest
2010-02-27 10:38
SUPER Bonus!
“I received my Super Bonus after only three years. Jeff Hosking handed me a check for Ten Thousand Dollars at the National Sales meeting!!! Thank you Jeff, for the opportunity, and I’m looking forward to the next one!”

BMM posting guidelines

This is what is being posted on your website today.Do you consider this appropriate under your posting guidelines?

By Guest
2010-02-28 16:37
Joe Armetta caught in a lie?
Tell the truth Joe. You will live a better life.
By Guest
2010-02-28 16:32
By Guest
2010-02-28 16:35
Joe Armetta's last stand.
Joe has pierced nipples.
reply By Guest
2010-02-28 16:34
Joe Armetta's last stand.
BOOTS stop spamming. Go to your hair appt.
I think this thread has outlived its usefulness, don't you?