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Contact Info: Got a hot tip for franchise news? Having problems negotiating the site? You can contact Mr. Blue MauMau in several ways.

  1. Phone: +1 (270) 321-1268

  2. Email:

Here are a few new fangled social media ways to contact Mr. Blue MauMau and save a few pennies.

  1. Call me by filling in your number in the icon to the right and clicking it. Google will call you back on the number you put in. Press 1 once Google prompts you  when it calls you. Then you will be automatically connected to me.

  2. Members (register free) can connect with Mr. Blue via Blue MauMau's internal email system (see view inbox in the navigation menu).

  3. Instant message with Mr. Blue MauMau through Digsby (see the right-column). If the light is green, you can type messages (chat) for free with Mr. Blue in real-time. He's online.

  4. My status

    Skype me. If you have Skype software and an account (all free), click the green "I'm online" button (if it says I'm online) immediately to the right to communicate free of charge via Skype.

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Mr. Blue MauMau's my name and speaking on behalf of franchise buyers and owners in this patch of reef is my game. I'm a fish that sports glasses, a bow tie and a serious attitude of wanting to know the truth when it comes to anything about franchises.

You can reach the editor at or call +1 (270) 321-1268.