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Log In / Register | May 24, 2018

Vegetarians Urging Meat Tax

Vegetarian groups appear to have moved in recent years from urging others to abstain from meat to accusing meat eaters of immorality, and more recently, pressing for taxes on meat.

Which Type of Chicken Wing Do Consumers Prefer, Bone-in or Boneless?

Consumers are on the rise when it comes to ordering chicken at restaurants. With 45 percent of the population ordering chicken wings at restaurants and foodservice outlets and servings on the rise, according to researcher The NPD Group, restaurant operators need to understand who is on team bone-in and who is on team boneless.

Minimum Wage Hike Backfires on Employees, Costs Customers More

The minimum wage hike across North America is having an effect on fast food and other restaurants, in many cases to the detriment of employees and customers.

Restaurateurs Can Expect Value Wars and Couch Potatoes To Drive Trends in 2018

The mature foodservice industry will grow slowly in 2018 but there is a tectonic shift taking place within it for more convenience.

Eatsa CEO Says Company Goal Is to Change Fast Casual

Eatsa has developed a technological approach to fast casual and they aim, CEO Tim Young says, to use that technology to revolutionize quick service and fast casual restaurants.

Two Weeks Left to Comment on Proposed Tip-Pooling Rule Change


The public comment period is quickly dwindling down on the proposed Fair Labor Standards Act (FLSA) rule change that would allow employers to pool tips given to their wait staff, with one qualification being that the wait staff are paid at least minimum wage. Comments must be received on or before January 4, 2018. The proposal is posted on the Federal Register website.

Troubled Subway Facing Franchisee Revolt on Low-Priced Promotion

Subway restaurantWhile Subway has more units (over 26,700) in the U.S. and the world (44,000 including the U.S.) than any other single-brand restaurant chain, the Milford, Connecticut-based company’s customer traffic over the past five years has plummeted 25 percent.

Franchisee Closes Two of Six Stores after Suing Tim Hortons for $50M

A franchisee closed two of his six stores in St. Louis, Missouri over the Thanksgiving Day holiday weekend, issuing a statement on his company website that the closings are directly related to the failure of the franchisor, Tim Hortons USA Inc., to meet its obligations in its franchise agreements.

With Complexity-Free Ordering, Panera Bread Hears You

A foodservice trend that will be heard but not seen in 2018 is voice activated ordering. I have been using Google Home more and more every week. Every week there is something that I find, like and use. Well, now here is one more — Google Assistant, which can be on an iPhone, Google Phone, or Android device.

Takeout Spurs Growth for Casual Dining Restaurants

Denny's The casual dining sector, which has been reporting red ink for years, surprised industry watchers in October with positive sales figures. Still, after a few past false positives that went nowhere, can these latest figures really be taken as a sign of better times ahead for the long suffering sector?