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News and events that center around the selling and granting of franchise licenses

Gastonia County, NC Applebee's Shutters Doors

Privately held Apple Gold Group, which operates over 130 Applebee's Grill & Bar restaurants, has closed its Gastonia County, North Carolina location.

Uncle Maddio's on Lessons Learned from Failed Franchisees

Matt Andrew, founder and CEO of Atlanta-based Uncle Maddio's Pizza, and Scott Goodrich, the company's COO, have found through hard-won experience with some failed units that teaming up with the right franchisee in the first place is crucial.

Edible Arrangements and Tariq Farid Are Fine Ambassadors of Franchising

I recently had the opportunity to spend a few days in Haiti to meet with a special and unique woman who wants to franchise her business there. Her name is Katleen Jeanty and her company in Haiti is BelFwi Fruit Mixes.

McDonald's Franchisees Reveal Their 3 Biggest Problems

Thirty McDonald's franchisees who run an average of nine locations opened up in a survey by Nomura analyst Mark Kalinowski.

IFA Sponsored Expo West Blindsided by Colorado Beer Fest

West Franchise Expo in Denver
Franchisors sell to an empty room at Franchise Expo West

The International Franchise Association, franchising's largest worldwide trade organization, came away from MFV Expositions' Franchise Expo West's three-day event last weekend confounded and disappointed in Denver, Colorado's Convention Center site.

What's the Difference between the FDD and the Franchise Agreement?

Often prospective franchisees, and even franchisors, aren't sure what the difference is between a Franchise Disclosure Document (FDD) and a Franchise Agreement. Here's a clear explanation of that difference as well as each document's importance in just a few minutes of your reading time.

Popeyes CEO Bachelder Puts Franchisees First

Cheryl Bachelder, Popeyes Louisiana Kitchen CEO, has written an article in the Harvard Business Review about her career, including the turnaround at Popeyes since she stepped in as CEO in 2007. Bachelder is widely regarded in franchising as an outstanding leader whose franchisees have earned exceptional returns under her watch.

Wisconsin Goes Paperless for Franchise Applications

The Greensfelder Franchise & Distribution Law Blog announced this week that as of June 30, 2016, Wisconsin requires franchise applications to be filed electronically.

Becoming a Chick-fil-A Franchisee Is Nearly Impossible

Chick-fil-A only accepts around 1 out of 250 franchisee applicants. The company knows what it wants and that means that those who don’t fit that profile don't have much of a chance.

McDonald's Favoring Larger Franchisees

McDonald's used to be known as a small franchisee brand, but the burger giant now thinks bigger is better and the small fry are being coaxed out of the company.