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News and information outside the United States

Domino's Australian Franchisees: 'The Customer Is Not Always Right'

A new Domino's campaign in Australia, featuring a no-questions-asked, money-back guarantee, has franchisees fuming that people are taking advantage of them by making unfounded complaints.

Australia Introduces Protection against Wage Fraud Aimed at Franchise Systems

7-ElevenAustralia's federal executive government has introduced new legislation that some feel will end grievous acts of exploitation by employers, which has been ignored by franchisors. Specifically named is the 7-Eleven franchise system. 

China Regulators Fine US Company $3.6 Million in 2014 Expired Meat Scandal

Shanghai Husi Food Co. and the China office of its U.S. parent OSI Group were fined a combined total of $3.6 million for selling beef and chicken for human consumption that had passed their expiration dates.

Yum China Finds Two Investors to Make It a Franchisee

KFC China
KFC China offers egg tarts & chicken burgers. Photo:China Supertrends

Yum Brands (NYSE:YUM) today announced that it has secured a deal with two investors for its soon-to-be China spinoff, changing from company subsidiary to franchisee. Primavera Capital Group, a China-based private equity firm, and Ant Financial Services Group, a mobile financial services provider that is affiliated with Alibaba, will invest a total of $460 million in Yum China, concurrent with the completion of Yum China's spinoff from Yum Brands.

7-Eleven Offering Multilingual Service in Japan

Convenience chain 7-Eleven, founded in 1927 in Dallas and now Tokyo based, has foreigners flocking to its familiar-looking stores in Japan, which are seemingly found every few blocks.

SEIU Warns Franchise Buyers in Asia: McDonald's Model Could Have Harmful Consequences

WASHINGTON, D.C. – The Service Employees International Union sent out a letter Monday morning to thousands of franchisees throughout Asia warning that McDonald’s Corporation (NYSE:MCD), in its efforts to find buyers for more than 3,000 restaurants across the continent, is moving toward a “master franchisee” model that could lead to “harmful consequences.” 

7-Eleven’s ‘Systemic’ Wage-Fraud Scandal Down Under

7-Eleven store employee takes a purchase (photo/sparks)

SYDNEY, Australia – After a media investigation last August uncovered "startling and systemic" wage fraud and employee exploitation across Australia's biggest convenience store chain, 7-Eleven Australia dismissed an independent inquiry into the scandalous matter, choosing instead to conduct the investigation "in-house." In doing so, the 7-Eleven head office will determine how 20,000 worker claims will be processed for payment.

Restaurant Spending in Europe and Asia Continue to Grow

CHICAGO—For many countries, the last months of 2015 were filled with turmoil of various kinds. But in spite of the chaos, citizens continued to dine out and fuel the global foodservice industry's slow and steady growth.

Australia: Pizza Hut Underpaying Delivery Drivers

As of 2015, Pizza Hut, a subsidiary of Yum Brands was one of the largest franchise operations in the world, with about 11,000 franchises worldwide. The company's operating model features selling pizza and side dishes like chicken wings and other pizza-related products.

Dwyer Group Purchases U.K. Master Franchise

Jan Mitman, Franchise Director of U.K.'s Drain Doctor Ltd / Photo from Drain Doctor website

WACO, Tex. – The Dwyer Group, Inc. announced today it has acquired its sub-franchisor, the master franchise license for Drain Doctor in the United Kingdom. The terms of the deal were not disclosed.