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Domino's Has Already Outperformed Tech Stars, Now It's Working on Pizza Delivery by Robots

Over the last decade Domino's Pizza's stock has handily outperformed such stellar high-tech performers as Apple and Google. Now the action-oriented company is testing wave-of-the-future robots to replace some of its pizza deliverymen, starting in Germany and Holland. At the same time the company is working on expanding its toehold on drone deliveries. 

What Franchisees Need to Know about Real Estate Leases

The following is an excerpt from the Franchise Bible, written by Rick Grossman, covering the basics of a franchise location lease.

Keep Restaurant Operating Costs Down by Reducing Accidents

Restaurant workplace injuries are not only unfortunate for employees, they are costly for their employers. Here are five suggestions for reducing the number of injuries at your restaurant. 

Restaurateurs Should Prepare for Stepped-Up Immigration Enforcement

President Trump said again in his speech to Congress last night that his administration respects and enforces immigration laws. This makes many restaurant owners, franchisees and otherwise, nervous. Should they be?

Papa John's Schnatter: Top Corporate Executives Overpaid

In a world used to huge top executive compensation, it's startling to hear one of those executives say it's wrong, but that's just what Papa John's founder and CEO has stated—emphatically.

How to Use the Job Interview to Find the Right People

The right staff goes a long way to the success of a restaurant or bar. Four managers with years of experience in food and beverage service share how they use the interview and initial contact to find and hire the best people.

Restaurants: What Will Happen in 2017?

The 2017 ICR Exchange Conference in Orlando on January 9-11 2017 will be an important early peek of what will happen with restaurants in 2017. Over 40 publicly traded restaurants will present, with some dozen additional up and coming companies looking for funding.

Profit Is a Better Indication of Success than Sales

Same-store sales are up. System-wide sales are at historic highs. Bah humbug!

SCORE Tip: Maximize the Value of Your Small Business Accountant

An experienced accountant can delivery much more value than just keeping owners on top of their taxes, as important as that is. He or she can generate reports that will help owners stay on top of their business' financial situation and better assess its prospects.

Trying Not to Lose Is Not the Same as Trying to Win

When changing times and new challenges negatively impact business, business owners and leaders may naturally put the emphasis on not losing ground. But just as important, if not more important, is keeping at the front of mind winning.