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Subway Revitalization: What Is Needed to Make It Work

Coinciding with the Olympics, Subway has unveiled a new logo and a new round of advertising touting the new advertising themes. But a lot more than that is needed to revitalize the brand.

The Cost of Toxic Employees

What is the cost of hiring a toxic employee?  A recent study by the Harvard Business School looked at the cost to companies of hiring otherwise skilled employees who engaged in toxic behavior.

How to Support the Education and Development of Staff

Here are five ways you can help your staff improve and be better employees through education and training.

A Competitor Is Copying You. Now What?

Your business is off and running on your innovative idea. Then your secret dread springs to life: you see that someone else loves your business and has none-too-subtly copied it.

The Toxic Employee, Lost Cause or Fixable Problem?

Very few people would gamble their health and safety by exposing themselves every day to a toxic waste dump full of poisonous and corrosive chemicals. However, on a daily basis, many employees and managers face the workplace equivalent in dealing with toxic employees.

El Pollo Loco Franchisee Tackles Transgender Mission

Michaela Mendelsohn, an El Pollo Loco multi-unit franchise owner, is the founder of the California Transgender Workplace Project (CTWP), which seeks a more inclusive and friendly working environment for transsexuals.

Franchise Owner Gives Former Convicts Another Chance

Former inmates who are determined not to fall back into their old criminal lifestyle are finding a new way of life at Applebee's through Apple-Metro, the franchisee of 36 Applebee’s and 2 Pizza Studios in the New York metro area.

Are You Overpaying for Credit Card Processing?

Many business owners don't understand their credit card processing statements. A little time taken to understand them and to make some inquiries among other providers for better deals could save them some serious money.

The Importance of the Board of Directors

While franchisees don't usually have a board of directors, their publicly traded franchisor surely does and the vendors or other companies they deal with may.

How to Remove Your Business from Pokémon Go

While many businesses find being a Pokemon Go location a boon to profits, others find it to be a nuisance. If you would like to get your business removed as a Gym or PokéStop, here are the steps to take: