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5 Small Business Loan Sources

Suggestions a small business owner can use to get some cash are introduced in an article which has the appealing title of "5 Surprisingly Cheap Forms of Small Business Financing." 

Working on Franchise SEO Is for Masochists

Because of the nature of franchise chains, working on SEO for them can be hard on one mentally, according to an SEO consultant. He compares it to being punched in the face repeatedly.

Xero CEO Says Its Small Business Expertise Now of Interest to Big Business

Ten-year-old Xero, a cloud-based accounting software firm for small business, is just getting started on its core mission to turn it into the online business platform for the world, CEO Rod Drury said in a London interview late last week.

Is Intuit Losing Its Dominance to Cloud-Based Competitors?

Newer, more convenient, economically more attractive cloud-based competitors may be about to knock Intuit from its comfortably dominant position in accounting software, contends a CPA whose company serves more than 600 small and medium sized businesses.

Restaurateurs Speak Up on Unwanted Touching in the Workplace

A customer recently wrote about watching male bartenders touching a female bartender, who looked as if she didn't like it, but said nothing.

How to Retain Your Small Company's Top Talent

Small businesses have fewer resources than larger companies to attract and keep the best employees. Compounding the problem is the nearly six years of private sector job growth, leading to talent scarcity in some areas.

Retiring Small Business Center Director on Social Media's Importance

Larry Rossini, director of the Knoxville branch of the Tennessee Small Business Development Center for 11 years, will retire at the end of March.

Is Your Franchise System on The Right Track?

See how your brand stacks up against the Top Ten traits of high-performance brands.

Denny’s Franchisees Manage Purchasing through Their Supply Chain Oversight Committee

Distribution, trucks. photo by don sniegowskiDOVE CANYON, Calif. – Craig Barber, chairman of the Denny's Franchisee Association, an independent group that is owned and operated by Denny's franchisees to represent their interests, explains to Blue MauMau how Denny's franchisees manage the oversight of their supply chain.

How Chick-fil-A Uses Mobile Technology

Maureen Donahue, manager of franchisee selection, talks about Chick-fil-A's use of mobile technology.