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Marketing, branding and loyalty development

Facts Cannot Stop Brand Trump

You can’t have missed Sarah Palin’s well-publicized endorsement of Donald Trump. Somewhat quieter has been the confederation of conservatives trying to get other “conservative thinkers” to speak out against the Republican Presidential front-runner.

Using Emojis in Online Marketing

Emojis are so popular that one of them was named Word of the Year for 2015 by Oxford Dictionaries just two months ago, even though it isn't a word.

Optimize Your Small Business by Boosting Its Mobile Friendliness

Make it easier for people to find and patronize your small business through an effective mobile strategy.

Leadership Matters at Popeyes

I often say, “success leaves clues." At Popeyes Louisiana Kitchen the number one clue is found in its leadership beginning with its CEO, Cheryl Bachelder.

Better Safe than Sorry, Chipotle

The brand that started the “fresh movement,” is hoping for a fresh start. It took Chipotle twenty-two years to transform itself from a burrito stand to a $23 billion quality brand. They did it by meeting customer expectations regarding the values of fresh, locally sourced, customizable food at a fair price. Oh, and it was generally agreed the brand had integrity.

Subway Goes Back for Its Future Branding

Pete's Super Submarines
New commercial features Subway's origin (YouTube)

After Jared, Subway has decided to go back to its roots for its future branding. For example, there will be fewer celebrities to be spokespersons for the brand. After all, remember Jared Fogle. They may one day go wayward. Forget discounts.

Ode to the Best & Worst of '15

We often focus all our thought
On things consumers shopped and bought.
On customers, so very loyal
And those brands, with profits royal.

Consumers Want Change on “Natural” Label

CHICAGO— American consumers want the Food and Drug Administration (FDA) to narrow the use of the term "Natural" foods to be without additives, chemicals, and preservatives.

10 Trends for Brands to Break Outdated Habits and Raise Profits

For the past 31 years, Brand Keys has conducted a year-end examination of our validated loyalty and emotional engagement metrics, collected from over 100,000 consumers who participated in predictiv

Which Search Engines Are Used Most?

With the holidays coming up there’s lots of chatter about how online and mobile price-checking and buying and comparing are making themselves felt in the retail arena.