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Investor Explains Why He Shorted RBI and Dunkin' Brands

Burger King restaurantWell-known short-seller Jim Chanos explains why he thinks Dunkin' Brands and Restaurant Brands International's stock prices will be heading down, making him money. Franchisees who may have no interest in the stock market whatsoever might well find his reasoning worth considering for its relationship to their own bottom lines.

What the Demise of the DOL’s Joint Employer Doctrine Means for Franchisees

While the nation is coming to terms with the culture shock of an unconventional president most Americans never expected, a sea change for the franchising community is also on the horizon.

Rebuttal: Franchisor Blunders? Not in This Case

After posting the OpEd yesterday, Franchisor Blunders, No Wonder Buyers Don't Read FDDs, PR consultant Lorne Fisher, representing law firm Cheng Cohen and franchisor Smashburger, contacted Blue MauMau reporter Janet Sparks to say the column was factually incorrect.

Franchisor Blunders, No Wonder Buyers Don’t Read FDDs

The Franchise Disclosure Document (FDD) should be seen by franchisors, their attorneys and state and federal regulators as the most valuable tool for perspective buyers prior to making their decision as to where they want to invest their money into a franchise.

Accuracy, the Twin Brother of Honesty

When it comes to barbecue chain Famous Dave's of America Inc. (NASDAQ:DAVE), there is at least one area of confusion within the company: How many franchises does the franchising firm actually have? Update Aug 14: Blue MauMau has just received a response from chief financial officer Richard Pawlowski about how many franchise units Famous Dave's actually has.

Bakers Delight Misappropriation and Hacking Allegations

Bakers Delight Australia franchisees are more than a little disgruntled following the release of an internally leaked Australian marketing fund statement.

Ornery Owl Says Schaden Has Flown the Coop

The wise ole owl's radar has picked up on some troubling scuttlebutt straight from Rick Schaden's inner circle.

Open Letter to Governor Jerry Brown

RE: SB610 Support Small Business Owners Need Fair Franchise Rules

Dear Honorable Governor Jerry Brown,

NY and LA Times Essays Are Pravda-Like Editorials on California’s Franchise Bill

In an Editorial in the New York Times dated August 27, 2014, entitled “A Better Deal for Franchisees and Workers”, the NY Times recommends that Governor Brown sign California Bill, SB 610, which amends existing franchise legislation by providing additional limited rights to franchisees.