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Political news that affects small business and franchise owners

IFA Loses Again, This Time SCOTUS Appeal

Photo: Wikipedia

Capping a string of losses, the International Franchise Association has lost one more. This time the U.S. Supreme Court has refused to hear its appeal against Seattle's minimum wage raise to $15 that treats small business franchise owners as big businesses.

Double Whammy! California and New York Enact $15 Minimum Wage

Governor Andrew Cuomo and presidential candidate Hillary Clinton
NY Cuomo [D] & Presidential Candidate Hillary Clinton [D] cheer wage law.
(photo/NY Governor's office on Flickr)

ALBANY, NY & SACRAMENTO, Calif.—California's governor Jerry Brown and New York's governor Andrew Cuomo competed Monday on which state would be first to gradually raise minimum wage for all workers to $15.

Restaurants, Retail Concerned about Overtime Rule Change

President Obama signs
Obama signs 2014 memo directing DoL to update Overtime Rule. (WH photo)

WASHINGTON, D.C. – After the Department of Labor put into motion its change to the Fair Labor Standards Act Overtime Rule last week, one law firm is warning clients it could be a headwind for certain restaurants and retailers.

What Businesses Can Learn from Uber

Business and the world around us are rapidly changing, and that means new, previously unknown opportunities.

FTC to Hold Discussions Questioning Auto Dealer Franchise Laws

Tesla Motors, the manufacturer of electric vehicles, has made a name for itself not only with its vehicles, but with respect to its marketing approach.

Former Congressman Howard Coble Passes

Longtime Congressman Howard Coble (NC-6) passed away on November 3, 2015.  Rep. Coble served in Congress from 1985 until his retirement this past January.  Mr. Coble was a kind, honorable man, who was always accessible and made everyone feel important.

Why Trump's Tax Plan Is Better for My Small Business than Bush's

A small business owner who is also a CPA compares Donald Trump's tax plan and Jeb Bush's.

Federal Fair Franchise Act of 2015, Not So Outrageous After All

Some franchisor advocates have indicated outrage at the idea that federal legislation such as the Fair Franchise Act of 2015 has been introduced (not passed, but simply introduced) to regulate the relationship between franchisees and franchisors. Even a quick look at the history of franchising and the history of federal legislation demonstrates that the idea of the federal government protecting small businessmen, small investors and everyday citizens from abuse by larger entities is not so outrageous after all.

The NLRB Decision Will Not Destroy Franchising As We Know It!

I was never a believer that a National Labor Relations Board ruling on McDonald’s being a “joint-employer" would end franchising as Steve Caldeira, CEO and president of the International Franchise Association, has maintained. It would simply be a wake-up call for franchisors to review for over controlling policies and procedures when it comes to instructing franchisees and their employees.

Former McDonald's US CEO: $15 per Hour Will Destroy Franchises

Former CEO for the U.S. operations of McDonald's Corporation, Ed Rensi, speaks with Fox Business News (video below) on the impact of the $15 minimum wage for fast food workers on franchises.