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SBA Course: A Guide to Winning Federal Contracts

This SBA course is designed to provide an overview of federal contract procedures and describe how to sell to the government. The duration is 30 minutes plus time to do the follow-up.

Unaffordable Housing Causing Exodus of Valuable Employees in Bay Area

Photo by Thomas Hawk

The high cost of housing in many urban areas is causing employees to pack up and move for a location where the cost of living is more affordable. Here’s the story of one small business in the notoriously expensive Bay Area.

Nine Out of Ten Small Business Owners Say It's Worth It

A survey of small business owners conducted by Harris Poll for Bank of the West found that although 82 percent say that they've put everything they have into their business, 86 percent say it's worth it.

SBA Introduces Free Online Tutorials

The U.S. Small Business Administration released its Small Business Innovation Research (SBIR) online tutorials to help small businesses navigate the SBIR program.

Wells Fargo Calls Loan Applicants It Rejected to Explain Why

Wells Fargo calls their rejected small business loan applicants to talk about the reason they were turned down and to coach them on how they can increase their chances of a favorable decision when they try again later on.

Guide to Selling Your Small Business

If you're thinking of selling your small business, there are some encouraging signs that this might be a good time. Here's a quick overview of the preparation required and how to calculate a realistic sales price:

CFA Day Forum Gets Franchisees Face-to-Face With Heavy-Hitters

Along with the CFA Day Forum’s mainstay legislative components, members of the Coalition of Franchisee Associations (CFA) gained facetime with legal heavy-hitters in a first-of-its-kind forma

Fund Your Business without Sharing Ownership

What are some of the ways for a small business owner to obtain funds without taking on new owners?  Tim Berry, guest blogger for the Small Business Administration, and also an author, business owner and Stanford MBA, offers suggestions.

Current Small Biz Tech Developments

In recent tech news, Microsoft buys LinkedIn, ApplePay announces it's coming to the Internet, Google launches an intelligent business search app, YouTube makes it easier to film ads from your phone and The Container Store continues full speed ahead on its high tech wearable.

Consultant Tells the Biggest Financial Mistake Small Businesses Make

Consultant Allen Engstrom has a background in finance, strategy and business development. He was asked about mistakes small businesses should avoid: