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SNL Spoofs on Dunkin' Donuts

Comedy show Saturday Night Live pokes fun at a Dunkin' Donuts customer. Meet Donny (Casey Affleck), a real Dunkin' Donuts consumer.

The Franchise: ZorFox Wants Control of ZeeHen, without Liability

ZorFox talks about NLRB v McDonald's to Little ZeeHen
(Little Red Hen image:Internet Archive Book)
Says ZorFox to Little ZeeHen in a candid moment:

NLRB Falls on Franchisor Chicken Little

Penny Henny: The Sky is Falling
Created with cartoon tools

'Bitch in Business' Rap Video a Solid Hit

This parody of successful women in business, created by Columbia Business School students, is a solid hit on the Internet with over 3 million views and 1200 comments.

The Missed Franchise

Saturday Night Live shows the franchise league that never was. (Viewable only in the United States.)

Gunsplosion in Texas Eateries

A Texan boldly steps into a 7-Eleven carrying an AK-47 to show that he can. But even the NRA* says these gun activists need to cool their overeager jets.

How 7-Eleven Asset Protection Can Resolve the NBA’s Sterling-Silver Problem

The NBA has banned franchise owner Donald Sterling from all league activities and seeks to terminate Sterling’s ownership of the NBA franchise due to Sterling’s comments, blown up by the liberal media as “racist.”