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Avoid These Obstacles to Becoming a Successful Franchisor

Many a small business owner is urged by friends, business connections and customers to franchise his business. But the road to becoming a successful franchisor contains potholes not encountered in the core business. The key to success is being aware in advance of those yet-to-be encountered potholes and planning accordingly.

Five Guys Franchisee Now Franchisor of Its Own Brand

Aurify Brands had its beginning as a franchisee in 2003, operating Subway, Dunkin’ Donuts, Baskin-Robbins and Five Guys brands over the years. Along the way its partners started creating their own brands, which now include Melt Shop, Little Beet, Little Beet Table, Fields Good Chicken and MAKE Sandwich restaurants.

A Legal View of a Franchisor's First Sale

In the U.S., many a small business owner decides that they want to expand, and that the best way to do that is to franchise. But selling that first franchise is a major hurdle: potential buyers avoid franchisors with zero franchisees.

Why This Bridal Shop Founder Franchised Her Brand

Lanie List, founder and CEO of Lovely Bride, found when she launched her first shop in New York to what she recalls was "huge press," people were asking her to open in other areas. She realized she could have multiple locations if she franchised. Seven years later there are twelve stores, nine of which are franchised and three of which are owned by her.

A Short Primer to Franchising Your Restaurant

You have a restaurant that people love, and some urge you to franchise your concept. You're considering the idea. Keeping in mind that a successful restaurant does not necessarily indicate a successful franchising business, here is a guide for the fledgling franchisor:

Is Your Franchise System on The Right Track?

See how your brand stacks up against the Top Ten traits of high-performance brands.

When Franchising a Business, Apply These Statistics to the Franchising Process

When a company decides to franchise its business, it's important ownership understands the risks.

The franchise model continues to provide a formula for success. However, just like other business ventures, franchising a business carries a certain amount of risk for franchisors.

Shane Pt 3: Common Mistakes by New Franchisors

CLEVELAND, Ohio – Professor Scott Shane finishes his three-part interview explaining the common mistakes of new franchisors, and how franchisors need to understand and manage built-in conflicts of the franchise model.

Shane Pt 2: Franchisors Need Mix of Company-Owned Stores

CLEVELAND, Ohio – Professor Scott Shane explains to franchisors and franchisees why businesses with highly skilled employees make poor franchises, and how franchisors without the right structure in their chains leave money on the table.

What Businesses Go Well with Franchising?

CLEVELAND, Ohio - Professor Scott Shane argues that franchisors often do not understand when to franchise or even what franchise structure best drives success. It's not just franchisors. Franchisees are typically unclear too, as they put hundreds of thousands or even millions into a franchise in the hopes that they and the chain will be successful.