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The Corporate Paradox: Power and Control in the Business Franchise

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The Corporate Paradox first page by Allan Felstead"Franchising remains, at best, little understood," writes Britain's Felstead in introducing to management professors, organizational behavioral and legal experts why he launched his study, "The Corporate Paradox: Power and Control in the Business Franchise."

His work is an in-depth study of how the franchise relationship works and who controls what and why. As research associate at the time for Britain's Centre for Labour Market Studies at the University of Leicester, Felstead's explores how franchising has avoided employer and employee contractual obligations. It' has also skirted traditional business contractual bonds among equals. The Corporate Paradox explores the organizational structures between well-known franchisors and their franchisees.

The model is built for one-sided franchisor power and control, argues Felstead on the modern business format franchise model.

It's a classic for scholars and regulators who want to understand the dynamics of the franchise model.

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