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Could Your Brand Use Some Digital Direction?

Most marketers have the traditional stuff down pretty well. But when it comes to digital, that’s often a different story. All brand stewards recognize theneed to market in digital, but what they should do, strategically, when they get there remains largely a trial-and-learn process with mixed results. While not much spend may be at stake, certainly time is. Rumor has it that time really is money when it comes to profits, so not leaving any of it on the table continues to matter.

So Brand Keys partnered with iMedia Connection to identify the 20 brands deemed best at leveraging digital to build customer loyalty, using our Digital Platform GPS.

The Digital Platform GPS is an 82-category, 598-brand look at how much digital communication platforms are category-dependent, and exactly where engagement with each digital platform intersects with category drivers of positive consumer behavior.

For a deep-digital-dive of brands like McDonald’s, Apple, Kindle, Coke and 16 other digitally-savvy brands, we invite you read Kyle Montero’s article (with accompanying media links), Brands Breeding Loyalty Through Digital.

Brand Managers, CMOs and Digital Planners have all come to recognize there is no one-size-fits-all approach to digital communication. But if you’re looking for some digital direction for your brand, the Digital Platform GPS can be an invaluable tool to help communicate in the digital space with an understanding of what strategy to use – what to do and what to say – in order not just to ‘be’ there, but to really show up.

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Amy Shea, EVP Global Director of Brand Keys’ Brand Development, has worked with brands for over 20 years, translating research-based insights into strategically effective marketing and communications. Her contribution was recognized with the David Ogilvy Excellence Award, with both the Grand Ogilvy and 1st in Category awarded for the research behind IBM’s ground-breaking integration campaign.Passikoff and Shea's marketing column Peeking at 21st Century Brands is syndicated to Blue MauMau by permission of Brand Keys.

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