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Dear Franny, I Want to Sue My Franchisor

Dear Franny, I am a former franchisee in Illinois who needs advice on suing [my franchisor]. Regretfully, Ms. Yvana Sue

Dear Ms. Yvana Sue,

I feel your pain. It's terrible to find yourself in a situation where you have to go up against the power of a franchisor.

The best place for an owner of a franchised establishment to seek legal advice on suing a franchisor is to contact a specialized franchisee attorney rather than a general litigation attorney. Franchise law is complex and nuanced. Franchisee attorneys have insights on what are the best conditions and the best chances of winning back some money from dishonest franchisor dealings or broken contract promises. Warning: the laws and franchise agreements are overwhelmingly stacked to minimize any liability of a franchisor. Winning a case is no easy feat.

Advertising on: Blue MauMau has a directory of franchisee attorney advertisers. When this journal wants insights into complex franchise lawsuits that we are investigating, Blue MauMau reporters often will first contact these top-notch attorneys.They have some famous franchisee lawsuit wins behind them that franchisors are cognizant of. You'll see that Chicago-based attorney Carmen Caruso is among them. Advertising off.


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