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De-Humanizing Customers

Have you ever heard of people feeling they were treated differently as customers because they were elderly, female, Australian or whatever?  In reality it isn’t so often that they are treated differently as much as it is that they were treated indifferently. They were simply just not a good fit for the operator’s preferences in customers.

Personally I prefer to push away those customers I don’t find appealing to my lifestyle or cultural set and while I realize that diminishes my customer count by probably 99% business wasn’t meant to be work, work, work was it? This is the life at work balance I enjoy.

It would not matter in what sector I operated in I would always want my staff and myself to have peace and the ability to have a chat or a coffee or to just generally treat customers as if they were ‘challenged’ whenever it seemed appropriate and as long as there was a legitimate reason. 

I do absolutely listen to customers whenever I’m interested.

But I’m the whole package and if that means upsetting most customers any conscientious boss would see that as worth the cost of stability and tranquillity in the workplace.

After all; I do have to work with my ‘team’ day in day out. ... Besides;

why connect with people just because they want to spend money and when customers are so conditioned by so many competitors to expect nothing more than to be de-humanized?


I can see the ‘edge’ and the ‘innovation’ angles but why would I bother to upset the team’?  What’s in it for them anyway?

Could ya lend me a buck?

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