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Designing a Chick-fil-A Uniform

It's no secret that people in general and youngsters in particular place importance on their appearance. Chick-fil-A explains the decision process that goes into their crew wear, keeping in mind how employees are going to feel about wearing them.

As the saying goes, “You are what you wear,” and that sentiment is particularly close to David Rissier’s heart. That’s becauseRissier’s job is to ensure more than 120,000 people feel confident and comfortable as they serve…you guessed it: chicken.

“We want restaurant Team Members to feel good about what they put on every day,” says Rissier, Chick-fil-A Service Innovation Manager. “We want them to feel self-confident, not self-conscious.” To do that, Rissier looks to a team of expert designers, the U.S. Military and within Chick-fil-A restaurants. — Sean Ward, The Chicken Wire

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