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Desktop Sites Unnecessary, Says Google's Mueller

Google's John Mueller says that a mobile site is sufficient and that desktop sites are no longer necessary.

In a Hangout on Friday, Mueller, a webmaster trends analyst for the search giant, said that having a mobile site should suffice. He added that going mobile-first or mobile-only wouldn't hurt a page's rank, even in desktop search results.

"I think what I'd try to make sure is that it still works on desktop and that it doesn't show an error on desktop, but rather someone on desktop can still access it," Mueller said. "What generally happens is, we will just include the mobile site in our search results, like any other site, and we will present it to desktop users." — Mike O'Brien, Search Engine Watch

While there are reports that mobile search now surpasses that from desktops, Diane Pease, marketing manager for Cisco, doesn't agree with Mueller, according to journalist O'Brien. But she seems to be talking about something else entirely, working from a desktop via a smart phone. She mentions working with Excel (when having a keyboard is so much easier and faster) and having multiple screens up at the same time (not practical on a phone's small screen).

It's worth noting that while Mueller said marketers don't need desktop sites anymore, he didn't advise anyone not to build one. — Search Engine Watch

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