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Do Franchisee Business Coaches Need Grey Hair?

Standards AustraliaStandards Australia is looking for contributions from industry and corporate stakeholders on a proposed set of guidelines for professional coaching. At least one franchising observer has suggested that franchised business coaches might be better positioned to gain any forthcoming stamp of approval.

You've got people who go and participate in a six to eight-week course and then are professional trainers.

In the same way, anybody can call themselves a mentor or a coach, and some have not had the prerequisite experience or the formal qualifications to do so.  Matt Larkworthy

So the question might be; what happens when a franchise brand doesn’t deliver on voluntary guidelines because the model doesn’t include keeping franchisee coaches up to speed?

It seems that at least one such franchise brand with an outrageous sense of humour simply maintains its focus on replenishing a fragile franchisee network left ill-equipped to make good on their promise to clients.

What people are seeking is people who are experienced, who have creativity with different media, who know how to get customers, how to get the market to respond. That's what this market is about with the GFC, it's about looking for different ways to do things.  SmartCompany

Think you can explain why the franchise business model is ideally placed to set and maintain voluntary coaching standards? Contact Standards Australia

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