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Does anyone have any information on Environmental Waste Solutions Franchises?

I have been investigating  EWS as a possible franchise to buy does anyone have any knowledge of these folks?

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Lots of scams out there.

Do it yourself.

Environmental Waste Solutions is a scam

The biggest waste is the money you waste on this bullshit company and nobody's found a solution for Darwin Williams' years of ripping people off.

EWS owes me thousands

EWS has not paid me for nearly a year on my joint venture account. My estimate is they owe me $7,000 and counting. They said they were going to make me an "offer" 9 months ago but they no longer return calls or emails ( , ) . 700 EWS Affiliates paid 20k for their guidance and assistance and now EWS is pulling the plug and tells me I have to sign a new agreement that has a horrible commission split. All EWS affiliates should ban together in a lawsuit. Sherry Barshaw, Donna Fothergill, Doug Maher, Darwyn Williams, Diana Shapiro should all be criminally prosecuted for abandoning 700 affiliates that paid $20,000 for their affiliation. I want a refund for the cost of the affiliation and the monies owed to me for the Healthcare Realty Account. I worked for 6 months full time on that account.

EWS Affiliate- 6 years

EWS Owes Me Thousands, oh wait...

I've been an EWS affiliate for 9 years. I was online searching for environmental resources for one of my clients and came across this fun little site. So, I thought I'd add my two cents even though I anticipate the trolls to accuse anyone of having had a good experience with this company to be a plant or a fraud. Tis the nature of you trolls.... Anyway, I've done 3 joint venture with EWS over nine years time. I also have alot of my own accounts. I'm thankful for the joint venture accounts since those three have brought in 10 times what my local accounts have brought in. I looked back on my tax returns and bookkeeping program and added it up - I've been paid $319,610 on joint venture accounts with EWS. In early 2015 my payments on the remaining JV I had started to slow down, going to 60 days past due. EWS was slow in responding to my emails and phone calls too. Finally, a lady named Donna called me and sent me an offer to buy out my remaining JV. They had added up what the account would probably pay over the remaining 9 months and discounted it by 32%. I complained and tried to negotiate, but in the end took the check they offered me. I justified it cause a 32% discount isn't really that bad considering nobody knows if the client will even pay the remaining 9 months. Donna explained that the company was having trouble because of the high commission levels it was paying its old affiliates (they paid me 50% on two of my JV accounts) and that if I wanted to do any more JV's I needed to sign an agreement to be paid 25%. (Considering I didn't really do that much on the three previous accounts I did with them, I signed the new commission agreement.) So, yeah, they started slow paying me. Yeah, they asked me to take less commission on future accounts, but in the end, they paid me. And hey, companies go through shit - so what? I can't call for their heads on a platter cause I've made a ton of money with what they taught me and on the three accounts I did with them. Trolls are entitled to their own opinions and to write whatever they want, and so am I. I'll start timing now to see how long it takes for one of you trolls to accuse me of being a "company man" - steak dinner with the wife if one of you does it in 24 hours! LOL. But seriously, criminal charges? Class actions? Wow, you guys got a lot of time on your hands - must not be out there closing any accounts would be my guess. LOL

Kevin Robertson
EWS Affiliate

Class action suit

You should band together and initiate a class action suit. Darwin pays himself first, always.

In the same boat

It's now 2016 and EWS has still not paid commissions they owe to affiliates. I worked on a Joint Venture with them for over a year before I saw any compensation. Things went smoothly for a while and then all of a sudden the payments stopped. Just like Brandon, they owe me thousands of dollars. They have stopped responding to emails and failed to acknowledge a letter from my attorney. If there is a way for affiliates to coordinate legal action against them I feel it should be pursued. EWS should not be allowed to scam people.

Gotta Love The Anonymous Internet Posts

If I read it on the internet - I know it's true! LOL Lots of good bashing from "visitors" which is typical on these sites. From what I can tell, EWS has been around for over 20 years and originally trained affiliates across the country, depending on them to joint venture waste accounts with them. From what I've heard from a friend who is a rep for them - and making a lot of money btw, the affiliates had started focusing more on their own local accounts and were not bringing many joint ventures to EWS, so EWS altered its business model to reduce its commission structure to a more normal level and use sales people it could count on and is negotiating buyouts with affiliates. I've seen a number of releases on actual reputable sites concerning their growth with new waste clients - and it looks like they are now successfully offering LED retrofits to clients as well. It looks like they haven't been offering any kind of affiliate training for quite a while. But hey, bash away anonymous American. LMAO

You're a "visitor".....

You're a "visitor".....

Gotta love your ignorance

Are you not reading any of these posts??? We ARE affiliates not having being paid for months. Not being paid for huge joint ventures that we handed over to EWS on a silver platter, that they are receiving the revenues from these said companies as we speak, and they have made an executive decision not to pay the affiliates (us) while padding their bank accounts. I have to assume that rather than being an "anonymous American" (logged in as visitor), you are in actuality an employee (maybe Principal?) trying to justify the inexcusable business practice you are implementing. Grow a conscience and pay us....otherwise, we your personal life is destroyed completely as you're attempting to do to others.


I have been an affiliate with EWS since I purchased the Business Op in 2008. I focused on Joint Ventures with the company with multiple locations. This company has severe financial problems and for the second year in a row (2013 and 2014) has stop monthly payments to their affiliates during the fourth quarter of both years. The first time they stop paying they set up an 18 month repayment plan to become current with the affiliates. Then in Oct 2014, we were notified once again that payments would not be made for the remainder of the year and they would let us know in January 2015 what their plan is. This included stopped payments for the 18 month payment plan as well. There is no recourse and nothing the affiliates can do. My clients are current with payments to EWS for our services...EWS is just not paying me my percentage of those payments...which to date is approx. 18K. If you like working for free after paying EWS for this business opportunity, then this is for you. There are much better business opportunity out there with companies that pay their affiliates for the business that they bring to them. I would run, run, run the other way. This business also takes a long time to build. If you chose not to be involved with Joint prepared for low income from the business and a whole lot of "busy work".


I'm speaking with my lawyer about a lawsuit against them. I suggest other affiliates do the same.

Affiliates not being paid

Any update on this?

no payments yet

I am an affiliate and am still awaiting payment as of today 4/2/15. An email to the Diana Shapiro, their COO, went unanswered weeks ago. I have thousands of dollars owed to me.

no payments

This is a real bummer. I'm just getting started and it already looks like I can forget JV projects. I'm going to call affiliate support to see what they have to say about this.

Im curious as to when you became an affilate.

Im curious as to when you became an affiliate.
We were closing on having our first meeting with a JV client when we discovered that the program we signed up for no longer existed. Now they only have direct sales reps. I don't understand what type of company would discontinue a partnership and not have the common courtesy to at least contact the affiliates by email letting them know that the only program they had in place was a new one that would reduce their commissions anywhere from 90%-95%. Run while you can!


I'd say forget about it altogether and request a refund if you just bought into it. I can't believe they are even recruiting affiliates if they aren't paying out anything!!


I took this offer several years ago and I am successful, however, there are affiliates that have done "Joint Venture" work with EWS and they are not being paid their share. Environmental Waste Solutions is having severe financial difficulties - do not invest in this opportunity.

Environmental Waste Solutions (EWS)

I was curious if the "Guest" that posted the question about EWS found
any information on the company. I am investigating the opportunity myself, and
I am having trouble finding any credible information on the company - other than
what the company is posting. I am not familiar with franchise law and not understanding
any of the comments others are posting. I assume being a franchise protects
the investor in some way or form. Thanks for any information that can be past along.

Better Business Bureau

Environmental Waste Solutions is a member of the Solid Waste Association of North America, the National Recycling Coalition and the Better Business Bureau.

Not sure if this helps.

The motivation to go green

The motivation to go green seems to get stronger every day and the drive to take less of a toll on the environment is gaining momentum in every industry. For the most part, everyone wants to feel good about what they do - and helping the environment is one way to do that. Environmental Waste Solutions offers affiliates a unique business opportunity that is both a lucrative and environmentally friendly business.

642-062 - 642-359 - 642-456


If you want the truth, ask an actual affiliate like me with EWS. It is a genuine independent business opportunity. Unlike a fanchise, who makes their money on royalties and selling more franchises, EWS makes their money partnering with their affiliates throughout the country to serve their clients needs.

Granville_Bean's picture

what a bunch of corpo-speak

Uhh...Guest says: "EWS makes their money partnering with their affiliates throughout the country to serve their clients needs. "

Now what does that corpo-cr/\p propaganda-speak actually mean? (whether it is a franchise or not).

What about the $25K fee?

What about the $25K fee? Don't you think money is being made there as well?

Howard R. Morrill's picture

EWS is obviously a franchise

Couldn't be much clearer.


I would also like to point out that their 2 page "affiliate" contract specifically states they are not a franchise but if it walks like a duck, quacks like a duck, etc., it's a duck (irrespective of what their contract states). EWS is attempting to circumvent the feds (also, in some cases, state law). Additionally, if they acknowledged they were a franchise, that 2 page affiliate contract would be in excess of 60 pages with all the required disclosure forms. Be wary.

I don't think there is even a need to discuss the $26K upfront fees.

michael webster's picture

Biz Op

Just for fun, why don't you count the number of deceptive statements on their website, using the proposed new FTC Rule for Biz Ops. 

Michael Webster PhD LLB
Franchise News

franpro's picture

EWS question

Hi, EWS is NOT a franchise. That is the most important thing for you to know, at first. They spend huge money with Entre Mag on full page ads. They also will give you their list of their EWS "consultants" to call as refs.

I have no idea of this opp is legit or not. it may be lousy, or it may be great.

Just do your homework.

Joel Libava


Franpro is:

Joel Libava , President

Franchise Selection Specialists Inc.

Cleveland, Ohio

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