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Eatsa CEO Says Company Goal Is to Change Fast Casual

Eatsa has developed a technological approach to fast casual and they aim, CEO Tim Young says, to use that technology to revolutionize quick service and fast casual restaurants.

Eatsa has developed technology to not only allow customers to place their orders at self-serve kiosks or via mobile apps, but they also pay and pick up their food from wall-mounted compartments with digital displays that alert them to the status of their orders.

Little to no employee interaction is necessary.

…"Most of them (customers) were craving a better mobile experience and a more seamless experience," he [Young] said. "What you end up having is this ability to order, get a very precise time as to when your food will be ready — not a 15-minute window or something like that — but literally, your food will be ready at 12:47." — Elliot Maras, Fast Casual

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