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Edible Arrangements and Tariq Farid Are Fine Ambassadors of Franchising

I recently had the opportunity to spend a few days in Haiti to meet with a special and unique woman who wants to franchise her business there. Her name is Katleen Jeanty and her company in Haiti is BelFwi Fruit Mixes. While there I had the opportunity to meet with several enlightened and passionate people in both government and private industry who are dedicated to bringing more economic development to their impoverished country.

I had the good fortune to travel there with one of franchising's true leaders, Tariq Farid, founder of Edible Arrangements. This presented me with the chance to learn more about him, the company he founded and most importantly, his values and passion for franchising that mandates a win/win both for the franchisor and its franchisees in the US and Internationally.

Part of my motivation for submitting this article to Blue MauMau is that in the past there was negative press about Tariq and some problems with Edible Arrangements franchisees. As BlueMauMau reported, these differences were settled in 2012. As I came to learn, not only has there not been any litigation since then but relations with Edible franchisees could not be better. Store performance is at a peak.

I have been involved in franchising for over 40 years as a successful franchisor, an area developer, a board member of franchisors, a past chairman of IFA and an expert witness in over a hundred franchise related law suits. I say this to ensure that my comments, observations and opinions about Tariq are based on considerable experience and exposure to franchising. I can tell the difference between the "good guys" and the "bad guys" in franchising. My enlightenment about Tariq not only took place during many hours of flight time but also what then transpired in Haiti.

Tariq made the arrangements for the trip, primarily arranging meetings with Katleen Jeanty, leaders in Haiti representing their embassy, representatives of quasi government entities and delegates from private industries directly involved in the economic development of Haiti. Suffice it to say that the discussions were very productive. Hopefully, it will result in movement towards more economic development for Haiti and the possibility of being the catalyst to bring franchising there. Tariq was indeed a fine ambassador for franchising in the US and its expansion globally and he additionally pledged to personally assist and help guide Katleen Jeanty as she plans to implement the franchising of her company.

It would be unfortunate if Tariq and Edible Arrangements as a franchisor were judged by events of four and five years ago as contrasted to what they are today.

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