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Eerie Haunted Hotel Stories

Check Into These Hotels This Halloween But You May Not Check Out

From Glenn Haussman, Hotel Interactive's Editor in Chief, writes, "Those hotels that are haunted are right now either busily dialing the Ghostbusters or turning it into a marketing angle." Here are eerie haunted hotel stories just in time for Halloween. Here's one that is from a franchise.

"The Dapper Disappearance
Fran Carter is a long-timer employee of the Radisson Plaza Lord Baltimore in Baltimore, Md. Fran has experienced several encounters with other-worldly guests through the years. One night, she was approached by a co-worker who informed her three visitors were standing in the dark in the hotel’s ballroom. Fran entered the large, dark room and proceeded to the three guests who were illuminated only by moonlight. A woman and two men, one of whom was outfitted with an elegant blue blazer and ascot tie, were looking out the window. Fran inquired whether they would like some light, walked within feet of the group and turned on the lights. The three visitors immediately vanished."

Read more at Hotel Interactive

My favorite spooky spot that isn't in Mr. Gaussman's list is The Stanley Hotel in Estes Park, Colorado.

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