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Elderly Couple Booted Out of McDonald's

Carl Becker, 87, and his wife Barbara, 81, of Rixeyville, Virginia, were enjoying their customary light meal at the Culpeper McDonald's when they were, according to them, treated rudely by an employee, then asked by the manager to leave.

The reason the Beckers say they were given for such discourteous treatment? They had been at their table for more than 30 minutes.

But the Beckers didn't take their humiliation in silence. They wrote a letter to the editor to a local paper, from where the story spread – across news outlets, across the Internet and around the world. Yes, even Filipinos and Brits, in whose countries McDonald's has restaurants, were reading about this "small" episode.

The Beckers say they plan to continue to be McDonald's customers, but they won't be going back to the Culpeper location.

The more than 4,300 comments to the Yahoo article show some people empathizing with McDonald's franchisee Bob Drumheller and his dust-sweeping crew member.

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