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As Franchises Collapse, Quiznos Launches 600 Company Stores

A Quiznos company-owned store at its head office building photo/tsparks

1-2-3 Fit in collections, collections, collections?

You read it correctly! Collections x 3 (or more)

Quiznos - 1-2-3 Fit - Smashburger (Follow the money and the "leaders") Buyer Beware!!!

Unhappy with Quiznos? 1-2-3 Fit not what you thought it was? Then why would you want to follow the same folks and invest in a Smashburger franchise?

1-2-3 Fit Owners Sound Off!

General Fran has been paying attention and watching with a careful eye what has been going on with 1-2-3 Fit.