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s47: Exclusive Dealing and Third Line Forcing

Isn’t it about time Australian franchisees were given a fair go when it comes to interpreting s47 of the Trade Practise Act 1974. I imagine the US equivalent ‘tie in’ legislation is a little more complicated.

Is That So, James Home Services?

Just over three weeks ago during a casual business conversation my seemingly non-franchising acquaintance seemed very knowledgeable about franchising and so a short conversation ensued.

Selective ACCC Enforcement And Receivers

There has been more chest-thumping at the ACCC as Chairman Graeme Samuel accesses the state of play with Independents and Greens now in the government mix.

Australia’s New Small Business Minister

Nick SherrySenator Nick Sherry is to be the new federal Small Business Minister in Julia Gillard’s fragile minority government.  Previous small business minister Craig Emerson MP has been shifted to Trade.   So what now for small business and franchising?

Marble Slab Creamery Gains Guam Based Aussie Market Investor

GFGGuam’s Metico Pacific and US chain Marble Slab Creamery plan 30 stores in Australia. Marble Slab owner, Global Franchise Group, have a large investment portfolio including Wetzel's Pretzels and giant loser, Quizno's.

Midas Australia: Is Lazard Ready To Run?

Midas 2008Midas Australia is a Lazard acquisition that has been considered by industry insiders as going against the natural order of worthwhile investment analysis. Lazard recently sold Dun and Bradstreet but is it preparing to shed again and is Midas ready to go?

A Rare Australian Franchisee Win

After a 12 year battle against his franchisor an Australian franchisee has finally won his case in Court. And now he is broke.

ACCC Chief Graeme Samuel Faces Wipe-out

DFOThe head franchising regulator, Graeme Samuel, is facing a potential personal loss of more than $50M from his personal fortune through his investment in DFO.

Sundae, Wendy’s Bloody Sundae

Wendy’s franchisees in Australia are asking whether the franchise model was designed to fail. Their questions have reignited franchisee disgust at yet another federal government broken promise.

Component Pricing Laws Catch Fitness First

It took a while but the Australian government has pounced on a franchisor. But not for any abuse of franchising or breach of the Franchising Code of Conduct.