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KFC Recruits Hollywood’s Rob Lowe to Launch Zinger Sandwich

Louisville-based KFC has recruited Rob Lowe as its newest actor to play a version of the brand's founder, Colonel Harland Sanders. Lowe will help KFC roll out its new spicy Zinger sandwiches with the theme of being out of this world.

In Super Bowl Advertising, Emotional Engagement Always Beats Entertainment

Fewer than half of Super Bowl XLIX's advertisers will score big on their considerable investments, according to the 13th annual Super Bowl Ad Engagement Survey conducted by Brand Keys.

The Protagonist in Brand Storytelling and Retail

I’ve been working to crack the code on fiction writing for several years now, mostly as a hobby just because I don’t have more time than that.

"Keyed-up Executives Unwind at Sheraton"

In 1965, the Sheraton Corporation of America, under the leadership of President Ernest Henderson, created a brilliant advertising campaign: "Keyed-up Executives Unwind at Sheraton". It was broadly promoted all over the U.S. in print media, TV advertising and locally by individual Sheraton Hotels.

Domino’s Dominates Pizza Chains in Brand Loyalty

A customer orders at a Domino's restaurant
photo supplied by Domino's Pizza

NEW YORK — Domino's Pizza, Inc. (NYSE:DPZ) is number one when it comes customer loyalty in the pizza shop sector. The 2013 annual ranking of brands with the highest loyalty was released by market researcher Brand Keys this month.

Liberty Tax Ruled Vicariously Liable for Illegal Franchisee Advertising

Liberty Tax Service
An unrelated franchise outside California advertises its services. photo/bmm

Franchisor Liberty Tax Service was ruled vicariously liable by a California state appellate court for its franchisees' illegal advertising.

Little Caesars Tries Reverse Psychology

Don't do this says Little Caesars

Gotta love Little Caesars for its use of reverse psychology and quirky advertising. A new commercial asks customers not to call Little Caesars to order a pizza (after all, it's already waiting for you).

"Live For Now" Stars Dead Icon

PepsiCo announced aggressive marketing plans, boosting ad spending by 20% and bringing back deceased pop icon Michael Jackson as part of a worldwide campaign.

Nigel Travis Bows To Prince Of New York

Dunkin K-Cup on Times Square
Dunkin ad at Times Square

Times Square being the crossroads of New York, it follows that One Times Square is the center of the known universe.