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Analysis Gives Grim Outlook for Yum Franchisees

Goldman Sachs chart of Yum franchises declining
Yum U.S. franchise closures accelerate, Chart: Goldman Sachs, Yum data

NEW YORK – Goldman Sachs, hired as a financial advisor by Yum Brands, Inc. (NYSE: YUM), released an in-depth analysis of the fast food chain’s prospects in the developed world. And it isn’t pretty.

KFC Franchisees Win Flap over Ad Control!

Thinking of KFC while playing with an iPhone app: fried, not grilled. photo/InCase

LOUISVILLE, KY – A Delaware court has ruled in favor of franchisees and their advertising cooperative against KFC Corporation.

Legal Forum on Franchising Begins

Hotel del Coronado, San Diego
Forum held at Hotel del Coronado, photo/ABA brochure

SAN DIEGO – The 33rd Annual Forum on Franchising, a legal symposium organized by the American Bar Association for franchise attorneys, kicked off Wednesday at San Diego, California.

How Franchisees Fire Franchisor CEOs and Boards

Wall Street Investment Bankers and Private Equity Firms Often Look to be Blessed by Franchisees

Investment firms are bullish when franchisees are bullish on them /bmm