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7-Eleven’s ‘Systemic’ Wage-Fraud Scandal Down Under

7-Eleven store employee takes a purchase (photo/sparks)

SYDNEY, Australia – After a media investigation last August uncovered "startling and systemic" wage fraud and employee exploitation across Australia's biggest convenience store chain, 7-Eleven Australia dismissed an independent inquiry into the scandalous matter, choosing instead to conduct the investigation "in-house." In doing so, the 7-Eleven head office will determine how 20,000 worker claims will be processed for payment.

Australia Updates Franchise Code to Include Good Faith

Fireworks over Sydney Harbor and the Opera House
Fireworks over Sydney Harbor and the Opera House. Photo by Joseph Younis

After a number of media stories about abusive franchising practices, Australia has set in motion major changes to its federal franchise law. Some American franchisee advocates are in awe.

Ripoll Pushes Good Faith and Penalties

The push for franchise reform in Australia began almost 10 years ago and today major ground has been made with the anticipated introduction of good faith obligations and penalties.

Franchise Complaints To ACCC Rocket

At a time when the performance of Australia’s Franchising Code of Conduct is under review the ACCC has released a damning report on the level of complaints they have received.

Australian Regulator Calls For Financial Penalties

With a review of 2010 changes to Australia’s Franchising Code of Conduct seemingly forgotten, the Australian Competition and Consumer Commission is calling for the introduction of financial penalties for rogue franchisors.

Regulating Franchising, Part 2

Capitol Building in Washington D.C.
The U.S. Capitol Building from Pennsylvania Avenue. photo/bmm

LEXINGTON, Ky. – Associate Professor Elizabeth Crawford Spencer discusses why a revision of franchise regulation is necessary in this final part of her two-part interview. Spencer's timely book comes out as major legislation to curb franchising abuse has emerged from New England to California, from Canada's Manitoba to South Australia.

Untouchable Australian Bank Masters

I suspect that even the most business savvy readers will find the story of Paul Buckman’s bankruptcy at the hands of the National Australia Bank [NAB] to be both a scandalous and engrossing story of outrageous fraud and regulator indifference. It is all on record and it isn't ficton.

Rod Sims: The Regulator

CANBERRA, Australia — Whether it's Canada's new franchise law that kicked in at the beginning of 2011 in New Brunswick on its way to Manitoba, or America's new Business Opportu

ACCC Tells Franchising To Clean Up Act

Man in hazmat suit trying to clean up deadly mess. image by

MELBOURNE, Australia — Newly appointed Chairman of the Australian Competition and Consumer Commission, Rod Sims, advised franchisors of his intention to assist franchising to clean up its act.

Franchising System Advantages

Pick your favourite from the list of ‘countless benefits to becoming a Franchisee’ and ‘advantages of Franchising over stand-alone forms of small business