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GOP Supports Franchise Legislation

Republicans love franchisees, and want to protect them. Not all franchisees. Just the ones with lots of money. Money plucked from consumers, and politicians take a cut off the top.

Historical Corvettes Fall into Big Sinkhole

A sinkhole appeared before working hours Wednesday morning under the showroom floor of Kentucky's hallowed Corvette Museum in Bowling Green.

US Volvo Dealers Hopeful of Interim CEO, Ford Contemplates Losing Their CEO

Last week Volvo chose the head of its finance arm, Toni Nicolosi, to be its interim CEO. Franchisees are already saying that he will listen to dealers.

GM Strikes Back at NH Dealers, Cites New Disclosure Law

General Motors has informed auto dealers in New Hampshire the franchisor "will not offer any new dealer sales programs in New Hampshire."

Toyota's Family Tree

OK, every family has its problems. Toyota, which started as a division of the Toyota Automatic Loom Works, managed to develop a worldwide presence and reputation, survived a number of seismic recalls and some actual seismic activity is celebrating its 75th anniversary.

New Auto Dealers Arbitration: Faster, Cheaper

Congress just passed a bill to allow terminated auto dealers to arbitrate their termination under an expedited procedure.  The procedure highlights the issue of faster, cheaper, that I've been discussing.

Legislating the Reinstatement of Terminated Auto Dealers

According to a U.S. senator, General Motors executives have been pressuring individual car dealers to oppose legislation aimed at restoring their terminated franchise agreements and rights.

Hotel Franchises Compared to Auto Dealer Franchises

The large hotel franchise companies do not grant “areas of protection” (AOP) to their franchisees. At best, some of them utilize third-party impact studies to try to quantify the effect of the proposed new hotel on the existing franchisee. The results of these impact studies are highly subjective.

VIDEO: Chrysler, Toyota, Lead Declines in Auto Sales

Auto sales plummeted in December as a worsening economy pinches consumers' wallets.

Small Car Dealer Beats Odds

CBS: A New Jersey small town Chevrolet auto dealer has a stellar year in a sagging economy.