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GM Strikes Back at NH Dealers, Cites New Disclosure Law

General Motors has informed auto dealers in New Hampshire the franchisor "will not offer any new dealer sales programs in New Hampshire."

Hyundai Tops 2013 in Engaging Brand Loyalty

Technology: Hyundai BlueLink indicators in the rear view mirror
Hyundai Bluelink telecommunication indicators in rear view mirror. photo/Hyundai

NEW YORK — Hyundai is ranked tops by consumers when it comes to automobile brand loyalty, according to an annual survey.

Chrysler, GM Dealers TARP "Takings" Suit To Proceed

A claim against the US government under the "Takings" clause of the Constitution will proceed notwithstanding prior bankruptcy court litigation.

Honda Moneyman Sacks Jessie Armstead For $9M

Ex-Giant Jessie Armstead is finding franchising to be as rough as the football field.

The 61 Years in Business of Red McCombs

Texan Billy Joe "Red" McCombs, 83, has owned businesses in a variety of fields over his long career: spanning car dealerships, sports teams, real estate, radio and more.

"Voluntary" Departures Not Voluntary

A shut down franchisee may have violated the WARN act by not giving 60 days notice.

Chevy Volt, Nissan LEAF Receive EPA Ratings

Toyota Prius, Chevy Volt, and Nissan LEAF. photo/

Chevrolet's new hybrid Volt and Nissan all-electric LEAF received their ratings from the Environment Protection Agency, outperforming Toyota's Prius.

Chrysler Dealer Reinstated through Arbitration

Minneapolis – The Dady & Gardner law firm received a favorable award for its client Fury Dodge of Lake Elmo under the Consolidated Appropriations Act of 2010, determining that the Chrysler dealer should be reinstated.

Toyota Helping Dealers; Opportunity in Crisis

Dealers are sounding off on how Toyota is dealing with them in the ongoing vehicle recall crisis.

Terminated Auto Dealers Slap GM Canada and Attorneys with Class Action

TORONTO - 215 General Motors auto dealers in Canada filed a $750 million class action lawsuit yesterday in Ontario's Superior Court of Justice. The dealers were terminated as a result of last year’s auto bailout program.